Apache Usergrid: Open Source Java & Cassandra based Backend as a Service (BaaS) that you can host yourself

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Learned about this at one of the sessions at the DevNexus software developer conference in Atlanta. It has built-in support for:

  • User Management: Sign up, log in, reset passwords, groups, roles, permissions, access, OAuth 2.0. No server code required.
  • Data: JSON stored in Cassandra, retrieve data via SQL, do graph queries, do joins.
  • Files: Asset storage can handle anything from text files to videos of several terrabytes, automatic content-detection, full URL access control. In the back, uses Amazon S3 or other preferred cloud file store.
  • Java-based: Built on Jersey, Jackson, Apache Cassandra and Lucene.
  • SDKs: For iOS, Android, HTML5/JS, Node.js, Ruby, Java, .NET, and PHP (plus REST APIs)