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Software Developer

I am a Software developer working for a large enterprise. I write mostly Java, but I like to dabble with other languages here and there. I’m writing less code at work these days and spending a bit more time managing the work of others, so this blog is a good way for me to stay on top of things and try new stuff out.

Information Carnivore

I consume way more information than is probably safe for my brain. I use NewsBlur as my feed reader and Pinboard as my bookmarks manager. I visit Hacker News and Techmeme almost daily. I also frequent WebResourcesDepot and WebAppers regularly. I currently subscribe to a few fantastic newsletters: Dave Pell’s NextDraft, Hacker Newsletter, and GoodUI. I listen to a bunch of podcasts, but my 4 must-listen podcasts are Girl on Guy, The Gamers with Jobs Conference Call, The New Disruptors, and The Bible Study Podcast.


I’ve been gaming since 1979 when I got the Atari 2600. At some point, I might make an attempt to list all of the awesome video games I’ve played over the years and all of the great memories that go along with them. For now, I have an XBox One, and iPhone, and a Steam account to keep me occupied.