GoLang HTTP load testing tool and library

Vegeta image

Not as poweful as JMeter, but way simpler to get setup, especially from the command line. I am currently using it to throw some load at a dev server to observe the memory utilization over time.

$ vegeta -h
Usage: vegeta [globals] <command> [options]

attack command:
  -body="": Requests body file
  -duration=10s: Duration of the test
  -header=: Request header
  -ordering="random": Attack ordering [sequential, random]
  -output="stdout": Output file
  -rate=50: Requests per second
  -redirects=10: Number of redirects to follow
  -targets="stdin": Targets file
  -timeout=0: Requests timeout

report command:
  -input="stdin": Input files (comma separated)
  -output="stdout": Output file
  -reporter="text": Reporter [text, json, plot]

global flags:
  -cpus=8 Number of CPUs to use

  echo "GET http://localhost/" | vegeta attack -duration=5s | tee results.bin | vegeta report
  vegeta attack -targets=targets.txt > results.bin
  vegeta report -input=results.bin -reporter=json > metrics.json
  cat results.bin | vegeta report -reporter=plot > plot.html