Shake: IOS app to help create legal agreements

Shake logo

Shake allows you to Create, sign and send legally binding agreements using your IOS device.

From the website:

  • When would I use Shake? – We designed Shake to let you quickly record
    agreements for everyday transactions that you otherwise might do with a
    verbal “handshake” agreement. For example, you’re lending someone you know
    $300 – given the stakes, you might not need a long, intimidating loan
    agreement, but wouldn’t it be nice to get something in writing? When does the
    money need to be repaid? Is there a penalty if it’s late? Use Shake to agree
    upfront on simple questions like this and you can avoid hassles later (not to
    mention awkwardness and hard feelings).

  • When should I not use Shake? – Shake isn’t for complex or high-stakes
    transactions. Are you selling your company? Shake is not for that. You should
    talk with a lawyer. Are you selling your used computer on Craigslist or hiring
    a freelance designer for a basic job? Shake is perfect for either of those.

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