Hugo: Static Site Generator written in Go

Hugo masthead from website

I like simplicity, and nothing says simple like a plain, old, static HTML website. Static websites have some real advantages: they are generally pretty secure, they play nice with whatever source control system you use, and they are fast. A static site generator gives you those advantages plus some niceties like templating and asset reuse.

One of the most interesting things about Hugo is that since it runs on the Go language runtime, you can drop the package on your system of choice and go.

From the website:

Hugo doesn’t depend on administrative privileges, databases, runtimes, interpreters or external libraries. Sites built with Hugo can be deployed
on S3, Github Pages, Dropbox or any web host.

Organize your content however you want with any URL structure. Declare your own content types. Define your own meta data in YAML, TOML or JSON.
Use indexes to group your content however you want.

The next time I build a static site, I’ll definitely give Hugo a look. I found out about this tool from Web Appers.