Clink: Add bash command line editing to Windows cmd.exe

Screenshot of windows cmd.exe shell running Clink

I have always hated the Windows command terminal. This little extension solves some of the headaches.

From the Clink page:

Clink enhances your productivity in Microsoft Windows’ “cmd.exe”.
If you’re familiar with Bash then you will be familiar with the changes that Clink brings to “cmd.exe” (it uses the same ‘Readline’ library that
Bash uses). It is a small utility to enhance “cmd.exe”, adding more powerful command line completion, editing, and history.

  • The same line editing as Bash (from GNU’s Readline library).
  • History persistence between sessions.
  • Scriptable completion with Lua.
  • New keyboard shortcuts;
    • Paste from clipboard (Ctrl-V).
    • Incremental history search (Ctrl-R/Ctrl-S).
    • Powerful completion (TAB).
    • Undo (Ctrl-Z).
    • Automatic “cd ..” (Ctrl-Alt-U).
    • Environment variable expansion (Ctrl-Alt-E).
  • Coloured and scriptable prompt.
  • Context sensitive completion;
    • Executables (and aliases).
    • Directory commands.
    • Environment variables
    • Thirdparty tools; Git, Mercurial, SVN, Go, and P4.
  • Auto-answering of the “Terminate batch job?” prompt.