Git Stuff

One of my co-workers was looking to begin managing source code for his personal
projects using Git. Here are the links I sent to him
to help get him started:

Tutorials & Reference

GUI Tools

Software Development Blogs and Sites that I Follow

  • Martin Fowler – This guy talks a lot about continuous integration,
    continuous delivery, and continuous deployment. The leading edge of the
    industry is using these techniques along with DevOps to improve reliabilility.
    He also talks about NoSQL and design patterns a lot. This guy is one of the
    pioneers of design patterns.

  • Rands in Repose – This guy is great. He has lots of insight about being
    about being a development manager. I’ve read both of his books. If I get a
    chance, I’ll list some of his better blog posts here.

  • Ajaxian and Webappers – Blogs about free and open source web
    development resources. I’ve found some good tools here.

  • blog – They talk a lot about Git and Continuous
    integration/delivery/deployment. They also talk about distributed teams
    quite a bit.

  • Web Resources Depot – They list free development tools. Lots of good
    stuff here.

  • Artima – Software development blog.


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