Node Version Manager: Manage multiple active node.js versions

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$ nvm [tab][tab]
alias        deactivate  install      ls                  run        unload
clear-cache  exec        list         ls-remote           unalias    use
current      help        list-remote  reinstall-packages  uninstall  version

Two Microsoft Windows alternatives:

  • nvmw – Requires Python and Git
  • nvm-windows – Written in Go. Installer available.

mermaid: Generate flowcharts and diagrams from text using Node.js

Now ya’ll know I love me some Markdown, and while this isn’t quite a pretty to read in text format as Markdown is, mermaid scratches a similar itch for me. It provides a way to represent flowcharts and diagrams using text, making it easy to easily store and compare them in your source control repository.


graph LR;
    A[Hard edge]-->|Link text|B(Round edge);
    C-->|One|D[Result one];
    C-->|Two|E[Result two];

Example flowchart

Additional examples here:

ZeroRPC: Lightweight RPC library built on ZeroMQ & MessagePack with Node.js, Python, & command line clients

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ZeroRPC is a light-weight, reliable and language-agnostic library for distributed communication between server-side processes. It builds on top of ZeroMQ and MessagePack. Support for streamed responses – similar to python generators – makes ZeroRPC more than a typical RPC engine. Built-in heartbeats and timeouts detect and recover from failed requests. Introspective capabilities, first-class exceptions and the command-line utility make debugging easy. ZeroRPC powers the infrastructure behind dotCloud.